Meta Domainer – The best Domain Parking System to Make Money

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If you’re like me you probably own more than one domain. I know some of my customers own dozens of domain names.

And in many cases they are just collecting digital dust.  

They go undeveloped, unmonetized and who knows if they are actually getting any traffic or have any value.

Let’s face it, buying a domain name is cheap and easy (and addictive), but actually getting a site set up and monetized can be a real hassle.

Well, that’s where MetaDomainer comes in.

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It’s a brilliant system that allows you to create unlimited HTML pages in mere seconds, using one simple WordPress plugin as the control center (but the pages you create do not need WordPress at all).

Whether it’s an Amazon product page, a Buy This Domain page, a local business page, or any type of page you can imagine, it takes literally a few seconds to create.

This one plugin also gives you the ability to list and sell all of your domain names by displaying a portfolio page.   PLUS, they have an automated listing service which grabs your new domain listings each night..

You can manage your domain inventory, list your sites for sale and track stats.  You’ll no longer need a parked page service or registrar placeholder page.

What’s really cool is that you can create HTML pages for 100’s of domains (unlimited) and manage them all from one WP install.  (Yes, you heard that right… You are actually making HTML sites with WordPress)

There’s a short video that shows you exactly how it all works. The guys who created MetaDomainer are well known in the industry and put out quality products with great support.

This is a great product for anyone who wants to buy and sell domains, or just wants a really clever way to build and manage HTML websites without having to know how to code.

It’s worth checking out today!

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